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Environmental Awareness

Omega Warehouse initiates recycling into all facets of our company. Cardboard, plastic, shrink wrap, paper and glass are on our recycle list as we try to eliminate waste. Through our efforts in sustainability we have reduced our waste by 50 percent. We recently had a Hazardous Waste Site Leader certified through continuing education and have applied that knowledge to our facility to protect our environment.

Second Chance Employees

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Omega Warehouse has a proud tradition of employing second chance workers. We partner with an inner city labor provider to bring employees lacking transportation to our site for employment.

This provides opportunities for them to develop a work history and learn new skills that make them marketable for other positions. Through our company culture we have maintained many of our employees for 10 years or longer. With our team philosophy of everyone working towards the same goal, our employees develop a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Omega Sharing

Omega takes every opportunity to to provide unused unwanted materials as donations to local and international groups providing valuable resources to those in need.

Items we are sometime able to Donate:

  • Personal Hygiene items such as soaps and shampoo.
  • Building materials such as house wrap. Paper products.
  • Tools and supplies needed for rebuilding after natural disasters.

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